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Epigenetic moisturizing body shimmer includes pearlescent particles to provide a subtle shine and enhance skin glow. 


Perfect Glow combines moisturizing pearlescent body shimmer particles to provide a subtle shine and enhance skin glow with potent epigenetic active ingredients to regulate the cellular mechanisms that promote the skin’s antioxidant and regenerating capacity improving its ability to retain water. The skin becomes more moisturized and softer to the touch, and the minute shimmering particles enhance radiance and luminosity, leaving the skin healthier and younger-looking. 


HOME USE: 150 g tube


  • All skin types



  • Adds pearlescent shine to skin for a radiant glow

  • Firms the skin

  • Deeply moisturizes

  • Fresh, dewy finish

  • Antiaging properties

  • Enhances elasticity

  • Fast-absorbing

  • Non sticky



  • Coco-caprylate/caprate: a natural emollient obtained from coconut. Its light and easy-absorbing texture leaves the skin soft to the touch. It does not include any preservatives.


  • Butyrospermun Parkii Butter (Shea Butter): is composed of triglycerides, oleic, stearic, linoleic, and palmitic fatty acids, as well as non-saponified compounds. The high content of non-saponifying fractions of triterpenes, tocopherol, phenols, and sterols provides Shea Butter with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Shea butter also has emollient and occlusive properties retains moisture in the epidermal skin layers. This active ingredient has proven to be better than mineral oil in the prevention of Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL). 


  • Hydrogenated ethylhexyl olivate: It is a skin-smoothing fatty acid ester derived from olive oil. As well as its liquid form, hydrogenated ethylhexyl olivate acts as an emollient and skin-smoothing ingredient.  


  • Heptyl Undecylenate: It is an extremely light and dry emollient. It can be used in sunscreens, lotions, make-up, and skin care products. It is a 100% natural and sustainable alternative to cyclomethycaine and mineral acids.


  • Panthenol: enhances skin moisture. Panthenol's moisturizing and regenerating properties help restore the skin barrier. It increases molecular mobility in several lipid and protein segments in the Stratum Corneum. Dexpanthenol promotes epidermal regeneration by improving epidermal differentiation and lipid synthesis. 


  • Sphingomonas Ferment Extract: is obtained by Sphingomonas differentiation. It has been shown to affect cell senescence by promoting cell proliferation and enhancing the skin's physiological condition. Sphingomonas extract slows down skin intrinsic aging thanks to inhibiting cell senescence and can restore the skin. 


  • Maslinic Acid: epigenetic properties increase cell proliferation and keratinocyte WST-1 activity without affecting cell viability. This effect is linked to a significant increase in KI-67 protein expression and the upregulation of several genes related to cell proliferation and differentiation . It significantly promotes fibroblast proliferation viability and reduces Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) levels. Maslinic Acid can mitigate UVB-induced oxidative damage thanks to inhibiting NF- κB nuclear transformation.  


  • Smart GPS®: Developed at INNOAESTHETICS Laboratory, Smart GPS® is cutting edge skincare technology designed to overcome the stratum corneum’s natural resistance without damaging it. Active ingredients are released into the target cell groups for maximum therapeutic effect. 



Apply daily as required.


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