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Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Epigenetics is a field of research in contemporary biology that has great applications to the study of the repair of aging or damaged cells.

Genetics is the study of genes (DNA and how DNA sequences lead to changes in the cell). Epigenetics is the study of gene regulation or how human behaviours and environment can change the way genes work. Epigenetic changes determine whether genes are turned on or off. This regulation helps ensure that each cell produces only the proteins that are necessary for its specific function. For example, proteins that promote bone growth are not produced in muscle cells.

Patterns of epigenetic modification vary among individuals, in different tissues within an individual, and even in different cells within a tissue. Environmental influences, such as diet and exposure to pollutants, can impact the epigenome. Epigenetic modifications can be maintained from cell to cell as cells divide and, in some cases, can be inherited through the generations.

In the past few years several ground-breaking studies have focused attention on epigenetics. Interest has been enhanced as it has become clear that understanding epigenetics is essential to understanding aging with direct application to aging skin and our appearance.

The INNOAESTHETICS Laboratory is on the cutting edge of epigenetic research

The scientists at INNOAESTHETICS Laboratory have been studying epigenetics and the implications to the skincare industry for over 13 years. Our ongoing commitment to the R&D of new formulas for the design of innovative medical-aesthetic and skincare treatments has produced INNO-EPIGEN®, a ground-breaking range of products that not only counteract the effects of aging, but also minimize their expression by acting directly on their causes, to radically modify the way in which we age.

INNO-EPIGEN® dramatically changes skincare

The premium INNO-EPIGEN® line of seven products (4 intense serums and 3 creams) is the result of a revolutionary formulation strategy that combines the use of the powerful preventive active ingredients with the latest advances in epigenetics. The line uses specific epigenetic active ingredients that modify cellular activity for visible skin benefits including:

· Improvements to skin tissue regeneration

· Revitalization of skin cell function

· Renewal of skin cells

All have noticeable visual results: younger, smoother looking skin. It’s as if a younger cell functioning is suddenly switched back ‘on’; and cells are then instructed to proliferate and regenerate as if much younger.

INNO-EPIGEN® products promote cellular regeneration mechanisms by boosting the production of essential proteins and cell longevity, activating the "switch" that re-establishes the skin's functions and elements that naturally diminish with age, and enhance beauty at every stage of life. This action, referred to as anti-aging prophylaxis, works with the body to influence each person’s gene expression, resulting in a visible and long-lasting rejuvenating effect.


ANTIOX SERUM: Powerful antioxidant serum

AGE PERFECTION SERUM: Concentrated epigenetic anti-aging serum

PIGMENT DEFENSE SERUM: Skin brightening serum

PURIFYING SERUM: Sebum regulating serum

URBAN DAY CREAM: Ultrarich epigenetic anti-aging day cream

SUBLIME NIGHT CREAM: Epigenetic moisturizing and anti-aging night cream

BODY CONTOUR: Body slimming and firming cream

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